Introducing OraMark from OncAlert Labs

Transforming the early detection and intervention of cancer

The OraMark™ Test is the first quantitative oral rinse test to accurately measure a tumor-initiating and stem cell associated biomarker, together with total protein. This clinically validated test enables earlier and more accurate detection of oral cancer.

Actionable Information for Early Stage Cancer Detection

The non-invasive, easy to interpret laboratory developed test provides highly-actionable information which complements visual examination and other tools used by clinicians in deciphering the complex presentation of their patients, including:

  • Ambiguity with respect to oral cancer risk factors
  • Oral cancer symptoms masquerading as other potential oral health issues
  • Complexities such as cost, morbidity, and benefit of additional testing

OraMark’s advanced patented technology is based on an innovative methodology for measuring the tumor-initiating and stem cell associated biomarker CD44, in combination with total protein. This clinically validated test enables early and more accurate detection of oral cancer and possibly premalignant lesions, even before visual indicators.

Quantitative Results that Clinicians Can Trust

OraMark provides results that are:

  • Highly accurate
  • Highly reproducible and robust
  • Quantitative measurements of CD44 isoforms and total protein

Non-Invasive, Easy to Use

OraMark is designed for convenience, with features such as:

  • Point of care, patient friendly sample collection
  • Easy administration fitting into office workflow
  • Processed by OncAlert Labs, a CLIA-certified laboratory