Transforming the early detection
and intervention of cancer
Our Unique Biomarker
OncAlert Labs develops tests based on patented technology that detects specific protein markers known to indicate an elevated risk for early stage cancers, even prior to observation of visual or physical symptoms.
Actionable Insights for Earlier Oral Cancer
OraMark’s oral rinse collection method is easy to administer and non-invasive for the patient. The test delivers accurate, quantitative results that help optimize patient management and surveillance both pre- and post-biopsy.
Featured News and Events
Jun 29, 2017 | Clinical Lab Products
Vigilant Biosciences Commences Studies of Oral Cancer Test
Vigilant Biosciences Inc, Fort Lauderdale, Fla, has launched patient enrollment for clinical studies of its OncAlert point-of-care qualitative assay in support of its premarket regulatory submission to FDA.
Jun 29, 2017 | City & Shore
Tests May Detect Oral Cancer Earlier
Oral and throat cancers can be life-threatening, and their frequency seems to be increasing. Now, two tests that are simple, painless and noninvasive can often detect them at very early stages when they can often be treated successfully.
Jun 29, 2017 |
Fort Lauderdale biotech firm gets federal grant for oral cancer study
Fort Lauderdale-based Vigilant Biosciences, which has developed dental and lab toolkits for early detection of oral cancer, has been awarded part of a multi-million dollar grant for a study from the National Institutes of Health.